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New items are available in subspace or blocks!
From left to right:
  • Power Throw - Charge Crouch then throw items with B
  • Power Charge - Decreases charge time
  • Power Walk - Allows retaining charge while moving
  • Store Item - Store an item with Up + B
  • Life Vest - Survive a fall with one damage taken
  • Electric Immunity- Immune to Sparks
  • Fire Immunity - Immune to fire sources
  • Magic Mirror - Detect secret items
  • All-Terrain Boots - Immune to sand, ice and conveyor belts
  • Jump Boots - Taller jump
  • Float Boots - Hold A to fall gently
  • Master Key - Open any locked door
  • Toss Jump - Double Jump while holding an item
  • Unimplemented - A Map of the world/game
  • Unimplemented - Power-up stats
  • Unimplemented - Luck up, immune to curses
  • Fire Flower - Throw 2 fireballs
  • Egg Thrower - Toss single straight egg
  • Bomb Thrower - Throw bombs
  • Fryguy Buddy - Throw jumping flames
  • Phanto Buddy - Throw friendly Phanto
Other items include: Continues, Unlocks, and common items
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World Select
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Render World Render BX/CX Object Steps
Audit Enemy Audit Object Audit Tile
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